Doing my part, where I am.

Welcome to my blog. I have been happily married for nearly 14 years and am a stay-at-home mama. My husband and I  adopted our two boys in February 2013 and have fostered as well since then.

About a year ago, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a blog. The thought overwhelmed me. HOW? Who has time for that? What would I say? And once I figure that out, who would want to read it? But the Lord kept pressing it upon me.

Then, about two months ago, we were at our church watching a nearly 20-year-old video of author, Frank Peretti speaking. It was called, “The Chair.” What I took away that night was invaluable. Near the end of his talk he said that he knew how overwhelming it was to live in this sinful world. The darkness and despair is all around. What can we possibly do? But then he just reminded the audience of the story of Nehemiah. The people of Israel weren’t asked to look at the huge task, this massive city wall that was to be built, but rather, to build just a brick at a time, right where they were. Many didn’t even leave their homes. They just did what they could where they were. THAT was my AHA moment.

So, here I am this evening, posting my introduction of who I am to you, my dear reader friend, on this cool web page my husband landed for me! You may personally know me or may have just stumbled upon this page. Either way, my prayer is, as the Lord lays subjects, stories, songs and pieces of my testimony on my heart to share that you will be blessed and draw nearer to the Lord.

I’m just doing my part, where I am.

Blessings and much love,


Please note that this blog is intended to be a completely safe place for mamas (and dads) to share. It will be heavily monitored and comments that are unkind or damaging will not be allowed. Grace abounds. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Doing my part, where I am.

  1. Glenda, I loved reading your blog…catching up also on the first 2. Keep it up. I too have heard, not see, the Frank Peretti story about “The Chair”. It was a great inspiration to me, as well. I need to pull it out and listen to it again. Thanks for the reminder. I think of and pray for “your” little Miss” everyday…only partially because of the pic you sent, the other times it is because…well, I just do! Sometimes something will happen at work that reminds, me or a story or song on the radio, or seeing another little baby girl…lots of things…often, I remember “on my own”…(ok…God reminds me) Blessing friend!

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