Welcome to My Foster Care Rollercoaster!

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28

Many of you have asked for an update on Little Miss. I had previously posted on my Facebook account in November that we were preparing for her to be returned to her birth mom right after Christmas. Here we are in the middle of January and we still have her and overnight visits have not even started yet.

This is what foster care is. So many people and factors are involved in a safe return home.

Because this is an open case, I don’t feel at liberty to share much of anything publicly, but I will say this: I would rather have it this way than to have her rushed back when neither she, nor her mom are ready. Of course, selfishly, we’d love to keep her forever. But truthfully, we want her mom to be successful.

That said, this is hard stuff! 

It’s hard for Little Miss because she is confused. She has put the pieces together, because she is a VERY smart little two-year-old, that she will be moving into her mommy’s place soon. But the longer the visits with her are, the more anxious she is because she has told us that she knows we can’t come and that makes her sad.

It’s hard on our boys. They have extreme difficulty with transitions of any kind and this is one of the biggest of their lives. And they can’t even prepare for it because there are no concrete dates or markers to watch for yet.

It’s hard for our parents who love her so much and don’t know how to prepare their hearts for another return home.

It’s hard for her mom because she so desperately wants her back already.

It’s hard for DHS because they want what’s best for her, as do we, and have so many things to consider.

It’s hard for us because we love her and want her to be with us forever, but have been fervently praying for her mom to succeed for the sake of Little Miss.

In the meantime, we praise Him. We praise Him because of Who He is. He’s a good, good Father and we’re loved by Him. He sees all the details and knows each person involved in this case — every attorney, caseworker, judge, family member, safety provider, and other people that I have forgotten in this list. He knows them all by name and knows everything about this case. We are so very grateful for His promise that all things do work together for good because we do love Him.

Every single day that we have with Little Miss during this waiting game is a gift. We got to have Thanksgiving with her and my in-laws from Kentucky got to spend genuine bonding time with her. We got to watch her be a little lamb in the Christmas play at our church. We got to see her unwrap all of her Christmas gifts and delight in each one. We got to see her play in the snow last week. I got to take her to her first real dental appointment. We get to rock her, snuggle her, talk with her, laugh with her and sometimes cry with her, too.


Again, there is much that I cannot and will not disclose at this time, but we greatly appreciate your prayers. You all have expressed care, concern and interest in our little family and we greatly appreciate it!

Blessings and Much Love, 


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