We interrupt this series…

So apparently, I’m not really following the “rules” of blogging. Apparently, “they” say that when you begin blogging, you should do a max of one post a week so that your readers don’t get a) overwhelmed and b) expect too much from you.

As much as I don’t want you dear reader mamas (and dads) to get overwhelmed, or set your expectations too high, if I followed that “rule”, it would take me at least a month to relate the different lessons I learned at the “Called to Love” retreat!

You’ll also see an increase in posts over Christmas break as I also plan to make this my place to journal our cross-country trip to see family in Kentucky and Alabama. We’re taking the “All-American” road trip…in the winter…over the Rockies…Yes, we’re crazy. There was never any doubt. But should the Lord allow and weather permit, we hope to see Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore, at least one Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Creation Museum, the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake. It may be a whirlwind, but we are all very excited!

Finally, I’ll likely blog more heavily when I have a series, such as the one you’ve been gracious enough to read, and then stick with the once or twice a week “rule” thereafter.

Just wanted to fill you all in on what to expect from this little page over the next month or so.

Blessings and much love,


Please note that this blog is intended to be a completely safe place for mamas (and dads) to share. It will be heavily monitored and comments that are unkind or damaging will not be allowed. Grace abounds. Thank you.

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