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Practical Ideas to Care for the Fatherless

It’s National Adoption Month for another four hours and change. I can’t let it pass by without saying a word about the subject.

“Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”  ~James 1:27

This is one of my all-time favorite verses and honestly, the verse that pricked my heart and told me that I was called to adopt. However, I made the mistake of reading a bit too much into this verse and firmly believed until quite recently that all Christians were called to adopt and were not obeying the call. Judgmental, I know, but there it is.

Then we adopted. And it was hard, and scary, and troublesome, and brought me to my knees in tears on many occasions. I started asking the Lord, “Is everybody really supposed to do this?” Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there is anything special about me. I do not believe myself to be more capable of handling adoption than you are. But my husband and I were very clearly called to do this, individually, before we even met.  In fact, that was one of the first conversations we had before dating. When Shane said that whoever he married would have to be called to adopt, I knew he was the one.

So after we adopted, I began to wonder what was wrong with me.  Where before, I had been a HUGE advocate for adopting before we actually did, I found it much harder to encourage all of my starry-eyed friends to jump right in and go for it. I was protective of my friends and felt like I was beckoning them into a life of pain and heartache. Yes, the joy and peace and love are still there, but MAN, there’s a lot of trial rolled into this path!

A few weeks ago, I shared how I was feeling with Heidi. Rather ashamed, I told her how judgmental I had been and how I realized how very hard this calling was. In reply, she pointed out that there are many ways to care for the fatherless and widows. Of course, I thought! How had I missed that?

Upon further contemplation and meditation, the Lord basically said, “Read that verse again.” We are to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction.  So what exactly does visit mean in this context? James used the Greek word, “episkeptomai,” which means to “inspect, that is, (by implication) to select; by extension to go to see, relieve.” So yes, one of the ways we can care for the fatherless (and I use this term loosely because in today’s culture, this can take many forms), is to “select” them, or adopt them. But there are many practical ways the Church can step up and “relieve” these children, and their foster/adoptive parents, in manageable ways.

Consider the following:

Respite Care – Without becoming a full-fledged, full-time foster parent, you can still go to the classes and get certified to become respite care for those who are. Foster parents can’t just call a babysitter when they want to go on a date or just need a break. And even if they could, with the many attachment issues and behaviors their kiddos come with, many wouldn’t want to. Knowing there are folks who are certified to do this is a wonderful thing.

Emergency Foster Care – Training is still necessary for this role, but these folks take the kiddos in during transition. Can you imagine the fear and loss a child feels when they have been removed from their unsafe home? It may not even feel unsafe to them and they are confused and heartbroken. Have you ever wondered where these kids go before they’re placed? Emergency foster parents play a crucial role for these kiddos.

Foster Parents’ Night Out – This is a wonderful ministry that blesses foster parents in the trenches. Per their website, local churches host FPNO so that foster parents can have a night off while trained volunteers care for their foster, adopted, and biological children. You can become one of those trained volunteers to bless these parents and the children whose lives they touch.

Welcome Boxes – When these kiddos are removed from their homes, often they don’t get to bring things with them and they feel alone. They may have to sit in a DHS office for hours waiting for a placement. A wonderful organization called, Embrace Oregon, is asking volunteers to make Welcome Boxes for these kiddos. They have all kinds of little goodies to make them feel welcome while in DHS care. Even if you don’t live in Oregon, I would encourage you to reach out to your local DHS (Dept. of Human Services) agency to see if they have a similar program.

Christmas Giving Trees – It’s that time of year and many stores have these…and often they are for foster children or those waiting to be adopted. Take a tag or two! You will brighten a child’s Christmas.

Toy/Clothing Drives – Same as above, there are many opportunities for this at this time of year especially. I would encourage you to contact your local DHS office directly. They will gladly take gifts for children and can guarantee the gift you give will stay local if you wish.

Sponsor a Child – Especially internationally, there are many organizations through whom you can sponsor a child who desperately needs help.

Become a CASA – A CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate. This role takes training and some time out of your month, an average of 10-15 hours/month, but is a crucial part of the success of a foster child in the system. They advocate specifically for the child in court, without having to be the attorney. They visit the child’s home, become a familiar constant face, and a safe contact for the child no matter how many placement disruptions they may experience.

Other Church Sponsored Events – If you have the capacity and are in leadership in your church, you can go bigger on some of the things listed about. Assembling boxes together as a church family can be a wonderful blessing. On an even bigger scale, there are churches in the Marion Co. area that have adopted DHS visitation rooms and made them over so that children and their biological parents can have a comfortable place to have their visits.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I pray that this plants a seed in your heart to see what you can do. This is not about being an earth shaker. I’ve said before that the Lord impressed upon me that I am to just be a Nehemiah Mama…to do my part, where I am. You can, too. You don’t have to “go big or go home” here. Anything you can do to help a “fatherless” child will make a huge and lasting impression.

Be a welcoming face when they visit your Sunday school. Encourage your children to befriend them when they show up in school mid-year completely lost and friendless. Be a mentor. If you are aware and looking, you will see opportunities everywhere.

You may have even heard this on the radio or TV: “Not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.” It’s true!

Blessings and much love, 



Helpful Links: 

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Called To Love – Part 4 “Aha! Moments”

Yesterday as I was talking on the phone with my Momma, something occurred to me. The Lord REALLY did a work in my heart at that retreat. I can’t tell you when, or how long it took, or where I was exactly, but the Lord changed my heart toward my children and toward their birth mother in a way I hadn’t experienced before. My parents have noticed it, my husband has noticed it and my children very clearly have noticed it, too.

It’s hard to know what to even call it. I’ve been saved from my sins, I’ve experienced the Lord’s sanctifying power and have been baptized with the Holy Ghost. And though I have no idea what to call this exactly, I definitely had another spiritual experience two weeks ago.

In the three previous posts, I detailed some very profound “Aha!” moments for me. But there were a couple of others that go hand in hand that I would like to share with you to close this series.

Aha! #1:
My friend, E’rma, was one of the keynote speakers. I had heard many parts of her story before, but it feels like every time I listen to her, I learn something new — about her, about me and about the Lord. Saturday was no exception.

As she shared part of her testimony, she wove into it the story of Jesus calming the storm. I’m sure we can all picture being in a boat in the middle of a terrible, life-threatening storm. Can you see the clouds? Hear the wind? Feel the rain? Describe the darkness? I can picture it clearly. She talked about how stuck we get staring at that ugly storm. We see it coming and it grips us with fear. “Where is Jesus? Doesn’t He care?”

Well, in the story, where was Jesus? As you will recall, He was asleep inside the boat. What she said next just blew me out of the water. Instead of staying in the top of the boat where we can see the storm and asking the Lord to calm it, what stops us from heading down into the ship and into the embrace of the Savior? It gave me a new perspective on those lyrics, “Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child.”

Am I actively seeking the Savior rather than the calm He can give? Will I serve the Lord even if the storm continues to rage? When I don’t understand? When I can’t hear myself think for the wind and waves? Lord, help me! That’s the kind of relationship that I want with Him. I want to serve Him because of Who He is, not simply for what He can do for me.

Aha! #2:
Several years ago I wrote a little piece that I posted on my Bebo page, (do any of you even remember Bebo???), called “We Are All Adopted!” I wrote about how the Lord adopts all of us into His family and how we can mirror our Lord in adopting a child. I was so excited at the prospect of adopting and was soooooooooo naive. (Maybe I should add some more o’s to that.) I was in love with the concept of rescuing a child, and no longer being childless. And I would be obeying what the Lord wanted me to do. What a perfect package of a calling this was!

Then we actually fostered and adopted our boys and that perspective was blown to bits. It was not this flowery, romantic, fairy tale at all. It was just plain hard!

After hearing E’rma again in a breakout session about attachment in fostering and adoption, I gained a new perspective on what we have experienced with our children, and what the Lord experiences with us as His children. I can now confidently say, “We are all foster children.”

God is a loving Foster Father who longs to adopt us, but we have to allow Him to be close to us. We are like so many children in the system today who have been so bruised and battered by the world. We need to be loved and sheltered and nurtured, but we have to want that and willingly choose to be adopted by our Heavenly Father. You may think that foster kids can’t make that choice, but they most certainly can. You may welcome them into your home, but just as importantly, you must be included in their trusted circle. And that can take a long time.

Romans 8:15 says, “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”

Abba…it means Daddy. Is the Lord truly my Daddy? Have I let Him be that to me? Do I choose to spend time with Him or do I put others, or worse yet, the world first? Is He in my innermost circle of trust?

Any parent can relate to this. Imagine that you have planned a special “date” with your child. Maybe a nice dinner, shopping or a movie afterwards, doing something, just the two of you. It’s on the calendar. You’ve been planning for this. The night comes and your kiddo says, “Oh, Mom, I forgot. I made plans with Heather. Do you mind if we do this another night?” Your heart is hurting, but you say, “Sure, no problem.” How many times have I done this to my Heavenly Daddy? How many times have I put off His divine appointments because I was “too busy.”

Here’s another example. You’re walking down the hallway to put laundry away and as you pass your child’s room, you overhear her telling her friend something you’ve never heard her share. You’re not trying to eavesdrop, you just happened to hear. And your heart is pricked because your daughter didn’t choose to share that with you. How often do I willingly share with my Heavenly Daddy and pour out my heart to Him? How often is He the afterthought? Lord, help me! I want a true Father-daughter relationship with Him. I want to spend time with Him and put Him first. He has brought me out of a life of sin, misery and heartache, and He did it just because He loves me.

This same Heavenly Daddy loves my boys’ birth mom as He does me. And I can’t help but think that if she would yield to Him, and choose to be adopted, that her life wouldn’t turn around for the better. She has faced horrific storms. She has suffered greatly. The more I see my Lord Jesus in this new light, the more desperately I want her to meet my Heavenly Father and the more I want so badly to be her sister in Christ. I have NO IDEA what that would look like, and I don’t have to know. But I’ve had to ask myself a tough question over  the last couple of weeks. How can I sit every night during family devotions praying with my sons for their birth mom to come to know Christ and not be willing to be a part of that if He calls me to it?

The Lord has miraculously removed a jealousy of her that I didn’t really even know I had and has replaced it with a love for her that I cannot describe.

Dear reader mama, I don’t know what storm you are facing. It may look a lot like mine. It may look nothing at all like mine. But I urge you to join our Father down in the hull of the boat and rest in Him for a while. We all could use a closer relationship with our Heavenly Daddy. Consider this: what is the natural reaction for us when we’re close to and proud of our Daddy? We will brag on Him, we’ll want our friends to meet Him, we’ll take our broken pieces to Him to fix. And we will run to His embrace, where our true safety lies.

We interrupt this series…

So apparently, I’m not really following the “rules” of blogging. Apparently, “they” say that when you begin blogging, you should do a max of one post a week so that your readers don’t get a) overwhelmed and b) expect too much from you.

As much as I don’t want you dear reader mamas (and dads) to get overwhelmed, or set your expectations too high, if I followed that “rule”, it would take me at least a month to relate the different lessons I learned at the “Called to Love” retreat!

You’ll also see an increase in posts over Christmas break as I also plan to make this my place to journal our cross-country trip to see family in Kentucky and Alabama. We’re taking the “All-American” road trip…in the winter…over the Rockies…Yes, we’re crazy. There was never any doubt. But should the Lord allow and weather permit, we hope to see Little Big Horn, Mount Rushmore, at least one Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Creation Museum, the Grand Canyon and Salt Lake. It may be a whirlwind, but we are all very excited!

Finally, I’ll likely blog more heavily when I have a series, such as the one you’ve been gracious enough to read, and then stick with the once or twice a week “rule” thereafter.

Just wanted to fill you all in on what to expect from this little page over the next month or so.

Blessings and much love,


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Called to Love – Part 3 “What a Fellowship!”

So, I’ve gotta say, one of the most wonderful and freaky things that has ever happened to me in my life, (Seriously. No drama, no exaggeration.) was the fellowship I experienced at the retreat.

It started at the first breakout session. I just kept staring at our speakers, one in particular, SURE that I knew her. It wasn’t just her face. I knew her voice, her mannerisms, etc. But her name didn’t ring any bells and neither did her story. I dismissed it thinking, She must just have one of those familiar faces.

Then we were assigned seating for dinner. I got that SAME feeling with two ladies in particular at our table. I started asking, Where are you from? Where did you go to school?etc. It was SO uncanny. Still, no answers of how I knew them. Even the Friday keynote speaker was familiar.  How did I know her? No idea!

After the first main session was done, we were given a list of sixteen categories. We would break into small groups based on what situation we most identified with. For example, there was a “large family” group, a “waiting for an international adoption” group, etc. The group I logistically fit into was the “Adopted through Foster Care, Children currently ages 5+”, but there was this other group that popped out at me and it simply said something to the effect of, “If YOU, Mom, have experienced loss in this foster or adoption process,” this group is for you. I knew in my heart that this was the group I needed to go to. But I was ashamed. I did not want to look like a dramatic baby. I hadn’t experienced a death. My foster daughter was supposedly safe and where she should be. Was I seriously going to go to that group when there was a perfectly logical one for me to go to? But the Lord urged me to swallow my pride and allow Him to heal me.

It was a very small group. Out of 188 moms, only four of us joined this group, but if I thought that the ladies were familiar before, it was NOTHING compared to this group. I KNEW THESE WOMEN. I knew their faces, I even knew one name, but had no idea how. As we shared our stories, we wept, we nodded, we gathered prayer requests and it felt like the Lord was pouring balm on my broken heart. I knew then that these women would be my friends long after this conference was over.

The familiarity continued throughout the weekend and other moms said they knew exactly what I meant.

On Sunday morning, as I was sitting beside my new friend, Andrea, I asked her if she knew what I meant (honestly, I was starting to feel a little crazy), and she said she had similar experiences all weekend. She concluded, “I think it’s just that the Jesus in me recognizes the Jesus in you.” Such excitement overwhelmed me at that thought. This is what Heaven is going to be like!

Then the words of the song came to be, “What a fellowship, what a joy divine…” as a description for this weekend. I allowed my brain to complete the lyrics, “Leaning on the everlasting arms.”

At first, I thought, Oh, I guess that’s the wrong song to describe this weekend. But then I thought, NO, it’s the perfect song to describe this weekend! What better fellowship is there than when we lean on the Lord together by praying for one another and sharing our hearts. When we come to Him in our weakness, with a perfect heart toward Him, He can show His arm strong. (2 Chron. 16:9, 2 Cor. 12:9) We were all in different stages this weekend and some were able to say, “I’ve been there and it gets better,” and “The Lord has been so faithful during this time.”

I guess I’m sharing this to give you hope and encourage you to step out. The Lord wants us to bond with His saints. He wants us to lift one another up, encourage one another and bear one another’s burdens. If you are a person who is fearful of sharing for whatever reason, be it that the pain is too deep, or no one will understand, or you have a fear of opening up, or maybe you are ashamed of something, I’ll just say this. I get it. I’ve been there. But when the people of God connect in a meaningful way while seeking Him, your heart will be safe. As you talk to a Sister in Christ, your heart will know her heart. There are no strangers in the family of God. It’s a beautiful and powerful miracle.

We, as foster and adoptive parents, especially need to grasp a hold of this concept. As much as the Lord wants us to bond with His saints, He wants us to bond with our children. If we struggle to bond in a wonderful Family such as this, how can we hope to encourage our children to bond and attach in a meaningful way? When I stepped out of my comfort zone and walked over to that little support group of moms Friday night, the Lord began a work in my heart. When I got home, I was able to step out of my comfort zone much more readily and bond with my 10-year old son. As I was able to let my guard down, he was able to follow me lead and do the same. It felt like the first baby step of many.

If you are reading this blog and know me personally, I will be that person for you. I will listen, I will nod, and I’ll say “Me, too.”

If you don’t know me, but are wanting to find someone you can share with, I commit to praying for you to find her, Dear Reader Mama. In the meantime, please feel free to use this blog as a safe place to vent, weep and share.

Blessings and much love,


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Called to Love – Part 2 “You don’t have to be the ‘-est'”

Friday night, we heard from our first keynote speaker, attachment therapist, Suzy Killeen. She said so many good things that night. But I have to admit something to you. Once she said, “You don’t have to be the ‘-est’…the prettiest, the strongest, the smartest…” the Lord took over and I didn’t really hear anything else she said. To me, that’s a hallmark of a speaker who is yielded to God. (*disclaimer – I can’t remember what “-est” words she used!)

As I was sitting there listening, the Lord impressed upon me that there is only one “-est” He He requires of me, and that is HONEST. I need to be honest. Honest with Him and honest with myself about what He expects of me. I am my worst critic. He, however, is my best cheerleader.

Are you overwhelmed with that picture in your head of what your life “should” look like? Where did that picture come from? Be honest. Did it come from all those fairy tale movies you watched as a little girl?

Do you feel like you’re not the right mom for those precious kiddos of yours? Be honest. Do you feel inadequate because you are constantly comparing yourself to other moms who seem to be doing it “right”?

Is your marriage suffering? Where did those lofty expectations you have of your husband come from? Be honest. How many commercials and TV shows have you watched lately that lift up men instead of devaluing them?

I am not an expert in this area, but I do have experience, so I am going to share my heart with you for a minute.

God gives us callings and a vision for our future, but He will never paint us a fairy tale picture that we cannot match up to. God doesn’t call us to compare ourselves to others, but to line up to His Word alone. I’ve heard this phrase a lot, and it’s true, so I’ll share it with you. “God didn’t make you a perfect parent, but He made you the perfect parent for your kids.” In that same vein, you were made for your husband and you are meant to be married to him for life. And so discontentment has to go. God doesn’t want you to compare your husband to other men any more than He wants you to compare yourself to other women. As you commit to lining your life up to Scripture, the Lord will draw your husband, no matter what spiritual condition he may be in, to Himself.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” (I Timothy 6:6)

Near the end of Suzy’s talk, the Lord whispered such peace to me by reminding me of His promise. If I am HONEST with Him by coming to Him when I am weak, and heavy laden, instead of trying to do it all in my own strength, He promises that He will give me REST. As a tired and worn-out wife and mama, that’s the best sounding “-EST” there is!

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

Blessings and much love,


Please note that this blog is intended to be a completely safe place for mamas (and dads) to share. It will be heavily monitored and comments that are unkind or damaging will not be allowed. Grace abounds. Thank you.

Called to Love – Part 1 “Loving their Birth Mom”

Over the next few posts, I intend to share some specific points that the Lord laid on my heart at the “Called to Love” retreat that I attended. 

I had the amazing privilege to go to a conference tailored to bless and love on adoptive and foster mamas of faith. It was an incredible weekend.

My mentor and friend, E’rma, had met me for breakfast several weeks back and told me about this retreat called “Called to Love” and told me she really wanted me to go. I vaguely recalled hearing about it the previous year. (Little did I know that last year was the flagship year. I would have never guessed this was a “new” ministry based on how well thought-out and executed every aspect of this conference was.)

And so, since it came so highly recommended, especially by E’rma, I decided to go. My best friend, also an adoptive/foster mama said she would come up from southern Oregon to go with me.

I don’t know what I was expecting. I guess I was looking at it as a business convention. Being a mom is my job, I thought, So maybe I can learn some tricks of this trade since I feel like I’m failing at this role so miserably.

Friday afternoon, we drove onto the grounds and up to the lodge for registration. As I was getting my welcome packet, and coffee mug (Cool! I heart freebies! I thought), the funniest thing started happening. I wanted to get OUTTA there. I had opened the folder with the itinerary and handouts and inside was a handwritten (and in my case, an artfully handmade) card from a lady who said that she had been praying for me and my family by name since I had registered. As Heidi was reading her card from another lady and crying, the appropriate reaction in my opinion, I felt this emotional wall shoot up. As we drove down the drive to the lower parking lot, I shared with Heidi how I was feeling and the tears started flowing.


This thing hasn’t even started and I’m already falling apart. Right there, I resorted to the fact that I would be feeling a lot of pain this weekend. I might have to bare my soul and be vulnerable, something I was not looking forward to. But I had to admit that carrying my heavy burden of grief and loss was wearying me. It has been over four months since we had to say goodbye to our 14 mo. old foster daughter. The depression has been tangible and downright scary for me.

And so, I asked the Lord to truly help me to process my grief. In addition to that, I asked Him to remove my nagging unforgiveness and jealousy of my children’s birth mother. So far, it’s been a daily practice, some days more successful than others, and although I guess that’s not a bad thing, I’d rather move past that so I can have energy for my kids instead. I had no idea how He would work that miracle, but I decided not to even venture a guess, but to just trust that He would.

Then we went to our very first session . Although it was called, “Navigating Birth Family Relationships and the Heartbreak of Foster Care and Adoption” it could have just as easily been called “Loving your Children’s Birth Parents the Way Christ Does.” I was sitting on the end seat of an aisle, but that didn’t matter to the Lord. He was sitting right next to me in that aisle and just told me to do three simple (not easy, but simple) things.

1) Read every page of our children’s adoption documents and learn about her.

2) After I have a good picture of her past, pray for and intercede for her.

3) Write her a letter. (He impressed upon me that He will tell me then whether I am even supposed to send it to her or not.)

Dear Mama, I don’t know where you are. I don’t know if you are a biological mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, or all three. But I do know that no matter who you are, you’ve been called to love.

If you are a foster/adoptive mama, I challenge you to walk this journey with me to love the woman who bore your child. Ask the Lord to give you manageable steps to learn to love her as Christ does. Feel free to use the steps above if they work for your situation. If you are already experiencing success in this area, feel free to share what has worked for you and what the Lord has laid on your heart.

And dear bio mama, could you please pray for me and others who are doing this? It’s hard to explain how hard this is until you are in these shoes. And the supportive prayers of Sisters in Christ is valuable beyond measure.

Blessings and much love,


Please note that this blog is intended to be a completely safe place for mamas (and dads) to share. It will be heavily monitored and comments that are unkind or damaging will not be allowed. Grace abounds. Thank you.

A little bit at a time

A few weeks ago, I received a doctor bill that was WAY too high and it triggered a very vivid memory from my childhood.

I remember standing in our galley-style kitchen with royal blue countertops standing somewhere between the pantry door and the wall where my mom always hangs her calendar and listening to my Mama on the phone.  I remember that I had to look WAY up to my Mama’s face. For those of you who know her, she’s 5’3”, so I was likely very young. She had this stressed look on her face and she was haggling with an insurance company, as I recall, about a bill she had received.  The thought went through my head, “I don’t ever want to grow up. How would I know who to call? How would I know a bill was too much? How will I even pay for bills at all?” It was an overwhelming moment in my little girl heart.

But when I opened that bill, I almost immediately made a phone call to the doctor’s billing office.  I left a message.  Some hours later I got a call back verifying everything was correct on their end and to call the lab. I did so, heard the wait was over ten minutes and so opted to update all the insurance info online.

It was annoying, but fairly painless. I have since checked and the matter has been resolved.

What I didn’t understand as a little girl, but do now as a wife and Mama, is that know-how comes a little bit at a time.  It comes with experience. It comes from reading and listening.  I knew exactly within two phone calls and a couple mouse-clicks what to do.  No stress, no anxiety.

Our Heavenly Father works this way.  There have been many times in my life where the reverse has happened of what I experienced as a little girl.  “Why did He wait until NOW to teach me this? I sure wish I would have known this years ago.” But the Lord knows what we can handle.  He sees our hearts and minds and knows what we need to know when we need to know it.

Another thing I didn’t realize as a kiddo that I get now is that when my Mom had to call people, she was often talking to people who were experts in a certain area and was able to glean the information she needed for the moment.

The Lord brings “experts” our way as well.  Are you facing cancer? Maybe there’s a sister in your church that has faced it and has won the battle.  Are you depressed? Perhaps there is someone you know who walked a very dark, deep valley and made it through to the other side.  How about the death of a loved one? I’m sure you can think of someone who knows exactly what that road looks and feels like.

Along our foster & adoption journey, the Lord has sent us many experts to rely heavily on. Their experience and willingness to just be there for us has been a priceless treasure. Only in eternity will their value be truly accurately measured.

Are you an “expert”? Has the Lord allowed a difficult circumstance to come your way? Did you “beat the level”? Do you have pointers for a sister in need? I would venture to say you do. Ask the Lord to lay someone on your heart for whom to pray and be available. It could be just what they need. It could be just what you need, too.

Blessings and much love,


Please note that this blog is intended to be a completely safe place for mamas (and dads) to share. It will be heavily monitored and comments that are unkind or damaging will not be allowed. Grace abounds. Thank you.

Doing my part, where I am.

Welcome to my blog. I have been happily married for nearly 14 years and am a stay-at-home mama. My husband and I  adopted our two boys in February 2013 and have fostered as well since then.

About a year ago, the Lord laid it on my heart to start a blog. The thought overwhelmed me. HOW? Who has time for that? What would I say? And once I figure that out, who would want to read it? But the Lord kept pressing it upon me.

Then, about two months ago, we were at our church watching a nearly 20-year-old video of author, Frank Peretti speaking. It was called, “The Chair.” What I took away that night was invaluable. Near the end of his talk he said that he knew how overwhelming it was to live in this sinful world. The darkness and despair is all around. What can we possibly do? But then he just reminded the audience of the story of Nehemiah. The people of Israel weren’t asked to look at the huge task, this massive city wall that was to be built, but rather, to build just a brick at a time, right where they were. Many didn’t even leave their homes. They just did what they could where they were. THAT was my AHA moment.

So, here I am this evening, posting my introduction of who I am to you, my dear reader friend, on this cool web page my husband landed for me! You may personally know me or may have just stumbled upon this page. Either way, my prayer is, as the Lord lays subjects, stories, songs and pieces of my testimony on my heart to share that you will be blessed and draw nearer to the Lord.

I’m just doing my part, where I am.

Blessings and much love,


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